No noise of water at the shrine, silence will remain This time there will not be Matami Majlis, every year Zairin comes from home and abroad

The world famous dargah-e-allia najfe in Hinduu Jogirampuri remains in a state of confusion regarding the annual Majlis event. The four-day annual Majlis is proposed in the first week of June. Lockdown-3 has been announced by the government till 17 May. Due to the frequent occurrence of corona virus, this will be the first time that where millions of people reach to pray in four days, there will be complete silence.

The world famous Jogirampuri Dargah is about seven kilometers from Najibabad. The four-day annual Matami Majlis is held every year at the Dargah. In these Majlis, Shia scholars from all over the country and abroad take the message of Hazrat Imam Hussain to the people through Matami Majlis. Maula Ali’s Dargah, Roza-e-Bibi Fatima, Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas and Sayyad Raju’s Mazar located in Jogirampuri is the center of reverence and faith of the Shia community. People coming to the Dargah to pray in the Majlis are not only concerned with history, but also beg for Shifa from diseases and pray for Khair-o-Barkat in life.

The Jogirampuri Dargah Committee starts preparations for organizing the Majlis a month in advance with the help of district and local administration, but this time it has not been possible. The corona virus infection in the country and the world is not stopping. The government has extended the lockdown period to 17 May. Zarine is visited every year from all corners of the country and abroad. This time due to all the resources of transportation being closed, this time Zairin will not be able to come from outside areas.

In Jogirampuri, the dargah of Aaliya Najaf was lying silent in the area. -Awakening

Dargah committee is doing Khidmat

Before the lockdown implemented to prevent the corona virus, several zerines had come to the dargah to pray. Such devotees have been quarantined in the Dargah complex itself. Since the start of the lockdown, till now such people have been arranged for their food and stay by following the lockdown. The administration is also taking care of them.

Given the Corona virus infection, this time there will be no precautionary measures. A formal announcement will be made after talking to the chairman of the Shia Waqf Board and meeting with the Majlis Intejamiya Committee.

Zafar Mujtaba, Secretary Jogirampuri Dargah Najibabad.

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